Worst Songs Ever!

Worst Songs Ever

#5. Call Me Maybe~ Carly Rae Jepsen               This song is #5 on my list of worst songs ever because the lyrics get stuck in your head and get super annoying! The lyrics also repeat themselves a lot! That is why this song is #5 on my list!

#4.  Calling All The Monsters~ China Anne Mclain       This song is #4 on my list because this song gets really old and when its on it just makes me want to scream to the world how terrible this song really is! This song may be okay for Halloween but not in like June! That is why this song is on my worst songs ever list!

#3. As Long As You Love Me~ Justin Bieber     This song gets on my nerves. Justin Bieber is general is like…..ewwwwww. He used to have a squeaky girl voice and nobody liked him and most people still don’t. I dislike this song with a passion. That is why this song is #3 on my list.

#2. It Girl~ Jason Derulo       This song is #2 because it is one of the most stupid and dumb song! Honestly, this song was a blow! Nobody really likes this song! That is why it is #2.

And #1 on The Worst Songs Ever List is…………..!

It’s Friday~ Rebecca Black!       This is the worst song ever made! It is the stupidest song ever! I feel like my brother in 3rd grade could write a better song than this! It is sooooooooooooo annoying and the lyrics repeat all the time! Ahhh I don’t know what she was thinking when they made this song!!! That is why this song is THE WORST SONG EVER!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Worst Songs Ever!

  1. Hi my name is Trevor im an 8th grader. I agree withyour blog 100 percent. Your right about no one likes Justin first time I heard him sing I thought it was a girl singing. And Rebecca she is really annoying my sister made me listen to this song and I laughed.So you should come see my blogs sometimes athttp://tas2017.edublogs.org/wp-admin/

  2. Hi I’m Dani, I live in the USA. I totally agree on the two songs, “Friday,” and, “Call Me Maybe.” Those songs are so annoying! By the way I love the song, “It Girl,” just saying but a lot of people don’t like so, yeah. Anyways which one do you hate most? Please visit my site at, http://dtp2017@edublogs.org/ Thanks!

  3. Hi Grace it’s Cortney(: I agree on the songs call me maybe and it’s friday. those are the worst songs i have every heard in my entire life. But I love Justin Bieber and the song it girl. I dont’t agree with you on those but the other ones are the worst.

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