How To Play Airport Frenzy


Airport Frenzy~ you need to find your teammates in the airport before you has to board. But you need to get pass the Brazilian Girls Soccer Team before you can get all of your team back!

         Try to get your teammates back for the Brazilian Girls. You need to before time runs out so you don’t miss the flight! You will go through level one” The Search” Level two ” Finding the Mid Fielders” and level three ” The Race for the Forwards”.

      You realize Oh no! Our flight is leaving in 1 hour and you can’t find any of your girls! Search the airport for the back line! That would conclude the three defenses, the stopper and the goalie. Look everywhere for them and get past the Brazilians which are of course your enemies.  Good you found the right defense, left defense and goalie. Second, keep a look out for the evil Brazilians. Good, now you have found all of the back line so get them somewhere safe so they don’t get captured again! Lastly, go now and find your mid fielders because they are all over this airport. You have completed Level One. Now onto Level Two!

Go find the left mid fielder, center, and right. You need to look all over the place. Watch out for the Brazilians! Great, you found the left midfielder! Whoa, it helped you find your center mid fielder. Great job, now find your right which is the fastest girl on your team so you better act quickly. Time is running out! Oh, no the evil enemies are gaining on you! Finally, you got all of your mid fielders. Now, go take them back to where all of your other teammates that you have found so they are all safe. Congratulations, you have completed Level Two. Now, go to the last and final level; Level Three.

You have 20 minutes left to find your offence/forwards before your plane takes off to the Olympics of 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. You got 8 of your players so far, now go chase after the last 3. Find the center offence. Awesome, you found her. Now have her help you find the others before it is to late Attack the emeries that have captured them and knock them off. Great, you found your left forward. Cool, you just found all three of them. Now it is time to rush back to your team and get on the plane. Congratulations you just completed the 3 Levels of Airport Frenzy!

You have to find all 11 teammates all over this airport in 60 minutes before your plane to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Now, you have accomplice to get them from the evil Brazilian Girls Soccer Team who tried anything to stop The US Women’s (you) Soccer Team for not making their flight. You got your back section of girls, got your mid fielders, and your offensive line. Finally, you can say that you beat the game!(:

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Top 10 of 2012

The top events in 2012…………..

#1. The Olympics

The Olympics are always a big thing! It only happens ever 4 years so everyone watches them. Since it was Lonndon it was interesting to see some of the things on TV over there in the UK. Michael Phelps also announed that this would be his last olympics! I think alot of people were shocked so tons of people supported him! The USA led the winning medals at 104. That was 17 more than the second team which was China. That just shows how great the US is!(:

#2. Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was a powerful hurricane that hit the East Coast in the US pretty hard. Now people are still affected by the Category 1 storm and the biggest Atlantic Hurricane on record. It lasted 9 days from the Bahamas to all the way up the East Coast. 253 people killed within the 7 countries that it hit. It cost over 63 Billion dollars worth of damage just in the US. Everyone was effected and businesses were destroyed! Sandy effected 24 states in the USA. Tons of people without homes, electricity, jobs, food, etc. It was a bad thing to go through. It was hard to do anything when everything in sight was destroyed and ruined. Getting the name of Frankenstorm or Superstorm Sandy. For the kids, not being able to go trick-or-treating due to condition of roads, food, and homes.

#3 Obama getting elected.

#4 The Aurora Shooting

Waking up on July 20th and hearing all over the news that there was a shooting in a movie theater! I think that everyone was shocked! Everyone goes to the movies to watch new movies and The Dark Night Rises is a big series! When they said that 12 people were killed who some were protecting wives/girlfriends/husband/children/etc, everyone’s hearts went out to their families. The gunman, James Holmes, injured 58 people. It is just very sickening to know that there are cruel people out there that clearly have a mental illness and do this kind of stuff! And to kill people you don’t even know for no reason is terrible. There are no words to describe what all of those people went there. He killed the most people in US History in 1 night,well until the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. Both though are just nasty and sad to think or talk about!

#5 Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

The Connecticut Shooting was a big shock to our nation! Nobody wants to know that your child was shot at their school. Especially after the Aurora Shooting, this was sicking! A place where nobody would think that any child would get hurt at. Kids where killed because the shooter was mad at his mom(who was a teacher that worked there) and that day she wasn’t even at the school! Its just sick that kids life where taken away so quickly. They never got to say goodbye to their parents, experience opening Christmas gifts every again and enjoy going to school. The guy that did it should have not killed himself, so that those kid’s parents could watch him get sentenced to life and make him feel ashamed for what he did. That mother should have not shown her child who clearly had a mental illness how to shot such a powerful gun! It was wrong on the mothers part too.

#6 Whitney Houston Death

#7 Princess Kate is Pregnant

#8 Penn State Scandal

Personality Penn State is my favorite College team. My dad lived in State College and so does his mom’s family so we go up there all the time. When we heard about Sandusky we were all shocked! My dad and his cousin Dave were mad that Penn State wouldn’t be able to be in any bowls for 4 years. JoePa was the greatest coach and when he was fired it shocked a lot of people……especially the college students. It was a bad day when they took all of the Joe Paterno statues down. Than when he died everyone was sad. It was a sad day and when you saw all of the college students at his house chanting on the news it was real. Jerry Sandusky deserves to be life in prison for what he did!

#9 Honey Boo Child

#10 Stratosphere Jump

Worst Songs Ever!

Worst Songs Ever

#5. Call Me Maybe~ Carly Rae Jepsen               This song is #5 on my list of worst songs ever because the lyrics get stuck in your head and get super annoying! The lyrics also repeat themselves a lot! That is why this song is #5 on my list!

#4.  Calling All The Monsters~ China Anne Mclain       This song is #4 on my list because this song gets really old and when its on it just makes me want to scream to the world how terrible this song really is! This song may be okay for Halloween but not in like June! That is why this song is on my worst songs ever list!

#3. As Long As You Love Me~ Justin Bieber     This song gets on my nerves. Justin Bieber is general is like…..ewwwwww. He used to have a squeaky girl voice and nobody liked him and most people still don’t. I dislike this song with a passion. That is why this song is #3 on my list.

#2. It Girl~ Jason Derulo       This song is #2 because it is one of the most stupid and dumb song! Honestly, this song was a blow! Nobody really likes this song! That is why it is #2.

And #1 on The Worst Songs Ever List is…………..!

It’s Friday~ Rebecca Black!       This is the worst song ever made! It is the stupidest song ever! I feel like my brother in 3rd grade could write a better song than this! It is sooooooooooooo annoying and the lyrics repeat all the time! Ahhh I don’t know what she was thinking when they made this song!!! That is why this song is THE WORST SONG EVER!!!!!

Top 5.(:

MY TOP 5……..

#1.  Horse Riding!~ I have had a horse since I was 2. These giants are my life! I have 2 right now and they both have a special place in me! They are number 1 on my list because riding is my life! I ride 5 times a week and a competive rider. I do everything for me to be the best!

#2 FRIENDS!~ I am a very social person, and have tons of friends! I beleve that your friends are your support group and that you need them in bad situations! I almost every weekend hang with my besties! The reason that friends is my #2 top things is because they are a big part in my life! I basiclly do almost eveything with them!(:

#3 SOCCER!!!!!~ I play soccer and love it! It is one amazing, contact sport for girls! I personalitly enjoy playing this sport with friends and my team is amazing! The reason that this is #3 is because soccer is what I do, and love on school nights after school. I play it abot 3 times a week, sometimes even more!

#4 Education.~ I believe that education is very important for everyone! I want to finish high school and go off to college to become a Vet. Grades are very important to me and my family so I always make sure that I am on Honor Roll evey quarter of the schol year! The reason education is number 4 on my list is because I definitly try to do well in school!

#5 Family~ I have a very supported family. They mostly agree with everything that my life has! They watch out for me and only want the best. My parents are a huge part in my life because they understand things because maybe they were once in my shoes with some iffucult situations! This is number 5 becuase family is something very important and I am appreciative for having such a great family!(:

School Improvement Committee

Three things to improve our school!…….

Number 1. LUNCHHHHH!

Here at Maple Avenue Middle School, it has 2 different sides for each grade. If your friend is on the other side, the only time that you get to see them is at lunch. Lunch is only 30 minutes. When you get to the lunch room you than have to wait in line for lunch which can take 5-10 mins. Now there is only 25-20 mins to eat and socialize. By the time you eat and talk to your friends lunch is over! I think that lunch should be a whole period long! That was you have tons of time to catch up with your friends!

Number 2. Social Hour~ SH

In Middle School you dont have ressess and lunch is only 30 mins long! Each grade should have something called SH. SH stands for Social Hour which is 30 minutes Lunch and another 30 minutes hanging with yuor friends. In August, and September each grade after lunch goes outside by the tot lot and has a 30 mins to chill out! It is basiclly a resess for Middle Schoolers. In October, November, December, Jaunuay, February, and March we could have the rest of SH in the gym. I knw that everyone would love this!

Number 3.  Being able to choose your own classes!

In High School you get to choose your classes and in Middle School you should be able to do that too! You could pick classes with friends and also be in whatever classses that you want to be in! By doing this, us students would get to choose who and what classes to choose and do! I would personitly like to choose classes that you are in to challenge your self maybe in a higher reading class or math. I would make learning fun when you have people that you like in classes with you!

My Bucket List!

Things to do before I die……

1) Swimming with sharks! ~ Sharks to me are incredible creatures of the sea, so I would love to swim with them!     Also in a cage with the sharks swimming around me!


2) Go to the Amazon Rainforest.~ The Amazon Rainforest to me seems like such a beautiful place to connect with animals and nature!

 3) Going to Alaska to White water raft!(: ~ Alaska is such a gorgeous place to visit and whitewater rafting seems like such a rush of fun!

4) Be on the US Womens Soccer Olympic Team!<3 ~ I play soccer and the US womens team is #1 in the world, so I would love to be on their team one day!


5) Go to Hawaii and learn how to surf! ~ It would be so cool to go to such a trpical state and learn to catch a wave!(:

6) Go to Italy!(: ~ My grandmother was born in Italy and I am 50% Italian so it would be cool to see where my Grandma grew up!

7)  Swim under a waterfall!<3 ~ I love to swim and a waterfall to me would be a blast of fun!!!!!!!!

8) Go to every state in the US.~ Every 50 staes in the US are diffrent and it would be cool to learn about each of them by going there!

9) Bungie-jumping!~ My mom went for her 18th birthday and I would to do that too!

10) Getting my bellybutten peirced.~ I’ve always wanted to get my bellybutten peirced since I was 3!(: